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A robot that does everything for you....

Before you know what you want, the robot already knows it.The crossword is already completed before you start. Your mother already has a flower before you even thought of it. Your shoes are already tied, your hair combed, your teeth brushed, room tidied, laundry done…..

​Time to switch him off, but where is the stop button! 

​With physical comedy, live drawings and live music, an intriguing story comes to life about a man and his robot. What begins as a fairytale turns into a power struggle between man and machine. 

With this cartoontheater performance, Dender Cartoontheater paints an eerie picture of the future.

​Bleep Bleep! is for anyone with imagination, from 5 years old.

Acting: Jasper van der Heijden and Ronald Wolthuis

​Musician and sound maker: Thanos Fotiadis


​Set Design: Timo Arling

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