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the organist with a twist

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An immersive musical theater show full of exciting images, physical comedy and insane logic. A show that is hard to retell but easy to dream about.

Two street musicians share everything together! But due to a stupid accident they lose each other. Their attempt to find each other again leads them into a hilarious adventure. Come and see an orchestra with self-playing instruments, sudden explosions, wild pursuits and a cross-eyed dog that is secretly very clever. After a few blood curdling moments, the story finally lands on its dog paws.


Dender Cartoontheater brings, with much tossing and throwing, cartoons to life in front of your eyes. Physical slapstick theater and old-fashioned organ music meet in a modern fairytale about the importance of true friendship.


Cartoontheater for everyone from age 5.

Want to play the music from this show yourself? Click this link to download the piano book ‘Welcome to earth’ by Thanos Fotiadis, containing 11 piano pieces for pupils from around 8 years of age.


Acting:                                        Jasper van der Heijden

                                                   Ronald Wolthuis

Music - and sound effects :        Thanos Fotiadis

Producer:                                   Karin Lachmising

Assistent-producer:                  Ilze Versloot

social media:                              Maaike wijngaarden

Set design:                               Ruben Arents & Andre Postma 

'The Organist with a twist' is made in cooporation with Museum Speelklok in Utrecht (NL)  and with financial support from:

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Bleep Bleep!

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A robot that does everything for you....

Before you know what you want, the robot already knows it. The crossword is already completed before you start.

Your mother already has a flower before you even thought of it. Your shoes are already tied, your hair combed, your teeth brushed, room tidied, laundry done…..


​Time to switch him off, but where is the stop button! 

​With physical comedy, live drawings and live music, an intriguing story comes to life about a man and his robot. What begins as a fairytale turns into a power struggle between man and machine. 

With this cartoontheater performance, Dender Cartoontheater paints an eerie picture of the future.

Bliep Bliep! is for anyone with imagination from 5 years old.

acting: Jasper van der Heijden and Ronald Wolthuis

Musician and sound maker: Thanos Fotiadis

set-design: Timo Arling

DENDER_ Bliep_Bliep_A5_Flyer_v2.6.jpg

Office Fly

Amongst binders, office chairs and rattling printers, two men stumble upon an unexpected visitor.

A pair of shiny eyes are peeking out of a wad of paper, hairy paws are running across the desk.

The office men battle against their grimm visitor, but they completely lose their temper, and their ties.

Playing, flying and falling the Dender men take you into their universe, drawn on the spot.

Come and watch this showdown between men and beast, accompanied by a live screeching electric guitar, and be surprised by the power of the small.

Acting & concept:                       Jasper van der heijden 

                                                  ronald wolthuis

Music composition:                   joost halenbeek

Live guitar & cartoon sounds: thanos Fotiadis     


Acting-advice:                          ron van lente


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Knapsack is Cartoontheater for everyone with imagination. Two neat men: they indicate in traffic, never swim in open water, and don't throw rubbish in the street. Yet somehow they die accidentally. They don’t accept that!

In search of a higher power to help them, they travel alongside swirling music, over steep mountains to meet a wise, little bird. 

Playing, dancing and drawing, the Dender men take you on an adventure full of unexpected twists and a strange song.

acting:                              Jasper van der heijden 

                                        ronald wolthuis

composition & live music:   Joost Halenbeek

Acting-advice:                   Maarten Hutten

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