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Jasper van der Heijden, Ronald Wolthuis en Thanos Fotiadis are Dender Cartoontheater.

Dender Cartoontheater exaggerates everyday situations into absurd proportions, taking the audience along on a miraculous journey. The physical acting and lack of spoken word mean the performances are fit for everybody from age 5. 

Dender performs on festivals, at school and in theatres.

Dender Cartoontheater creates an exciting mix of physical theater, live drawings and live music. As if a cartoon is coming to life in front of your eyes. With a pile of white paper and a few black markers Dender draws a visual world of its own. Attributes and set pieces are rapidly created in front of your eyes. A thunderous whole is created with visuals, live music and sound effects.

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if you would like to know more about us, you can read our annual reports here:

* jaarverslag 2020

* jaarrekening 2020

* Jaarverslag 2019

* Jaarrekening 2019

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